Sci fi, fantasy and being female in a futuristic world.


Sci-Fem is a casual space to discuss science fiction and fantasy in film, tv and literature. Occasionally it will discuss the experience of being a science fiction fan as a woman, or delve deeper into more deconstructive analysis. Sometimes there will be pictures of cats in tin foil hats – it’s all good.

Sci-Fem is run by Lily, a science fiction and fantasy addict living in London.

Lily has been watching and reading sci-fi and fantasy for as long as she can remember, and suffered a long love affair with cheesy vampire novels as a pre-teen. Thankfully, she’s old enough to have escaped the Twilight craze, but isn’t convinced that sparkly demons would’ve ever floated her boat.

Lily particularly appreciates the work of Joss Whedon, she was just the right age to grow up with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She’s also partial to dystopian stories – The Matrix, The Fifth Element, 1984, Twelve Monkeys and Metropolis being some of her favourites.

At 13 she began experimenting with digital design and HTML, which further compounded her love of all things technology, and eventually led to her career as a digital designer and front end web developer.